Mystic Attars is especially crafted with ritualistic, symbolic blessings, consecrating magical tools to attract love, abundance, healing, harmony and protection into your life. It draws forth love, friendships, wealth and success in all endeavors. Use this special anointing oils and blends to purify your home, altar and space. You can also use it for protection against all forms of attack. Its pure essence will increment your personal power and more clearly awaken your psychic abilities. A few drops on your skin will attract positive, vibrant energy flow towards your goal/intention. Wear this unique blends to invoke the powers of the 5 primordial elementals: water, air, earth, fire and ether.

 CLEAR : Clearing Mist

This powerful, alchemic mist cleanses all forms of negative influences, transmuting into positive flowing energy. It’s magical properties, cleanses your aura and wraps you in a cloak of protection and mystery. Use it to purify your personal space, home or altar. Just a few sprays will create the perfect shift of chi around you.

Love Spell
Reiki Healing Blend
Blessed Be -to attract money
clear mist - purifyier


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